Hi Folks, Karen Trepte here, so thrilled to have come through the Christmas season and almost into a brand new year.

I’m here with my husband visiting our son and we are so happy just to be together, with his partner and enjoying our family, and I just want to say how grateful I am to have my own online business that I’m able to take time and continue my work wherever I am in the world. And it’s such a blessing to be here in Chicago today.

So as we get ready for the new year our new series is going to be on Clarity. For those of you who are just starting your new online business, or thinking about it, or have been doing it for a while and kind of scratching your head wondering what to do next. This is our series coming up, so I do hope that you love it and get great value from it. That is always what is in my heart and my head for you.

To kick off series we’re going to be talking today about Clarity as a jigsaw puzzle.

Now that’s how I want you to think about your business. I want you to think that it is surmountable, and remember those rocks from Stephen Covey that we have those beautiful visuals on our website. If you haven’t caught our time management series, by all means, go on and do that.

I like to think in terms of visuals, I love to think in terms of concepts, like the big Rocks signifying the big projects in our life’s, what’s nearest and dearest to us, what’s most important. And then those small pebbles, things that have to be done for sure, but that we can fit in smaller junks of time. Or maybe even small pebbles representing things that aren’t quite as urgent.

So when you look at your business I want you to think about it as a great big jigsaw puzzle.

So when you look at your business I want you to think about it as a great big jigsaw puzzle. Click To Tweet

When you attack a puzzle, my daughter is an expert, not me, I use the rather simplistic approaches to get through that jigsaw puzzle and then quite honestly I leave the intricate pieces to her.

But I always look for those connecting blocks around the outside, I always look for the bigger pieces to put in first. Or you can even start, depending on what kind of a puzzle put togetherer you are, if you see a certain picture that’s on that puzzle box, you can focus on that first, that’s totally fine. Kind of put together the big pieces of that picture before you go to the other pictures that are often in a jigsaw puzzle box, just as they are on our businesses. 

So I want you to take that as today’s visual. And think about getting those big pieces put together, or think about a big picture that’s in that jigsaw puzzle and start working on that. Just like with an actual puzzle the main way to move forward with that puzzle is actually to move forward and put some of those pieces in place.

Know when you do a puzzle does it always go together on the first try?

Absolutely not! I mean maybe for your puzzles, but not for my puzzles. I often have to try it here, try it there.

And I do think that’s a better analogy for most of us, certainly in my experience running my own business, is that we have to try those different puzzle pieces in different places.

I encourage your to think about what’s that little next puzzle piece. Remember our baby steps, again if you didn’t see our time management series take a quick look, where I share the baby step technique. You can do anything in 15min increments.

And so have fun! Have joy in your work!