Today I’m talking about timing as it relates to clarity. As entrepreneurs, it’s often tempting to really forecast out too far, but really the idea is to stay present.

Timing is very important!

Let things be, let them sink in, let your business change, let it flow, let it naturally go into the places that it’s meant to be, where it’s meant to be blossom!

You can use Feng Shui to provide you with clarity.

You can use Feng Shui to provide you with clarity. Click To Tweet

Get rid of the negative chatter from your mind and just be with today, this week. This is all about staying in the present.

When the ideas flood from you, write them down and use them, and then know that you can dance step with them. You can be in this flow, it’s a very very peaceful way to run a business, yes it takes trust, it takes faith, it takes confidence in ourselves, self-assurance, but it is also a very happy place to be in.

If you just let the timing be, and don’t force yourself to make too many decisions ahead of time. Making the decisions that feel good for you right now! You can prevent yourself from getting into a rut. Ruts are created because we think so far ahead and things become overwhelming, stressful. But if we stay where we are right now, and look at what is the dance step ahead of us you can stay in that flow.

You really only have to know the two next dance steps ahead. You don’t have to know twenty or fifty, you don’t have to know one hundred. And yes, it’s scary! But know this, you don’t need to know precisely where you’ll be at the end of this year.

You can visualize it to see where you want to be, but then let it go. And just flow with it! That is really the Feng Shui way to have a peaceful life as you love and enjoy your own business!

Ciao for know,
Karen Trepte