I’m back today with another tip on finding clarity for yourself and your business.

Today we’re going to go to a different side of the coin. Many of you may know I love working with my intuition as well as pulling in my practical skills from my MBA training and other masters work. So today I want to talk to you about a tried and true method for finding clarity.

Writing Down your Pros and Cons!

Writing Down your Pros and Cons! Click To Tweet

This is about simply taking the time, when you’re looking for clarity, of writing down pros and cons of the different scenarios.

Get it on paper! Or get it on your computer, whichever format you prefer! And give yourself several scenarios.

I’ve actually done this in an MBA decision-making class, and it’s actually quite powerful.

The tried and true method just says to take each scenario and list down the pros and the cons for that scenario. You can do this with up to five scenarios, but I would advise you to keep it simple. If you can narrow things down to three and then get them down to two this will become more and more powerful for you.

If you have to make a huge decision such moving to a different city, because you just graduated from college and you’ve got 10 fantastic business offers, by all means, go ahead and use this to write down all 10 initially and then narrow the field.

In this case, you’ll want to define some strengths to an item.

For example, you can say location, salary, close to your family. Create those different categories, as many as you need, according to what’s important to you! Stick with those items that are super important to keep it simple.

Now if something that may seem like it’s not that important, like for example if you have a German Sheppard Dog and, and you have a great medical facility for your German Sheppard Dog only in one of the cities, then put that on the list! If you love your German Sheppard the way I love my German Sheppard than that’s important, even though it may not rank in the same realm as salary and location.

Whatever those little things that are specific to your quirks or personality. Include them on the list because your lifestyle and your joy with your work are uber important.

Take a hard look and ask yourself: What’s really important to me?

Take a hard look and ask yourself: What's really important to me? Click To Tweet

Don’t shortchange yourself and really give yourself the full benefit of this exercise.

What you might want to do when you have many options. Rather than just jotting it down pros and cons, is, MBA style, to use a number system. You could say that the location is 5 out of a 10, or 1 out of a 10 meaning you really don’t like it.

Use this as a tip for clarity! Take whatever challenge you are focused on right now, and either write down the simple pros and cons or do it on a numbers system.

Let me know in the comments below how that works out for you. I always love chatting with you and look forward to chatting with you in person sometime very soon.

Ciao for Now,
Karen Trepte