I’m back with you today to share another tip on finding clarity for yourself. Be that for some struggle you’re going through, your business, or both.

The tip I’m sharing today actually comes from Lindsey Louis. I’m giving her a shout out, as my dear dear friend and life coach.

She taught me how to use my body as a scanner.

This has been pretty powerful for me and I know for a lot of other people. I don’t know about you but I’m quite often in my head, in the go go go mode. This idea that really feeds upon my last audio about using meditation and silence or intuition and contemplation as a great way to just allow that clarity to come through.

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How to use your body signals to help you find clarity

Think back to a time that was particularly joyful, fun or wonderful and peaceful for you. Whatever state of being is your favourite state of being. And think about how your body felt. For me, it’s all about flow and peace, my shoulders are down and I’m breathing easier and I’m smiling.

Describe to yourself how your body feels. How does your stomach feel, how do your feet feel, how do your shoulders feel, how does your back feel, how does your whole body feel. Describe what your body feels like when you’re in that ideal state of being.

Then when you’re faced with some big choices or are looking for clarity, run those different scenarios by yourself and then just see what’s your body telling you, how does it feel.

Our bodies really do respond to us! That’s why I have a Mind, Body and Spirit section on my blog. Because I’m so passionate about wellness and how it all ties in together. I’m not your most corporate business coach, I come more from a holistic perspective, from an intuitive, meditative, feng shui approach.

Try this with your body! If you’re into Yoga, as I am, you’ll know that your body teaches us some really miraculous things. Next time you’re looking for clarity take a look inside, stop and feel, use that silence to feel the signals that your body is giving you as you actively create the scenarios you’re considering.

Ask yourself how does this feel to me, to my body, what is my body telling me?

Ask yourself how does this feel to me, to my body, what is my body telling me? Click To Tweet

For me, it was huge steps like when I went to Katar, how did my body feel. My body actually responded pretty well, and I did make that decision I did go to the middle east. Whatever your situation is, use this as a tip.

Take my love, think of us all together as a team and have a fabulous day!

Ciao for now,
Karen Trepte