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Hey, I’m Karen and I have a question for you: How do you see time and money in your own life? How would you like it to be different? I’m living life my own way and invite you to do the same.

Join me and take control of your time and your money!

Karen Trepte

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I had an incredible experience working with Karen Trepte to get myself and my family indexed universal life insurance (IUL) She was patient, genuine and knowledgeable and educated us on the different options available.

She helped us select the best possible product that would benefit us the best. We specifically wanted life insurance but also wanted long-term care coverage. The indexed universal life plan was the best solution for us and we were thrilled to discover that all of our earnings and investments inside of our IUL are guaranteed never to go down and are accumulating interest tax-free (unlike our 401k plans!)

We also have a young baby so we were able to get her set up under the million dollar baby plan! Karen is definitely the go to person if you are looking to invest your money and support yourself and family with life insurance.

Jasmine Z.

Working with Krisha we reevaluated her schedule in order to prioritise what was really important.

“Karen’s Approach to productivity helped me out during a time when everything on my plate was due like yesterday. She helped me see what needed prioritizing, helped me re-evaluate what is important to me and gave me tips on how to find more time in my schedule. If you’re in business management overwhelm, I strongly recommend connecting with Karen!”

Krisha Young


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What Some amazing People had to say!

“Karen Trepte set me on track for following my goals in just one hour – Something this multi-passionate thought was impossible!”
She is approachable, methodical, and most importantly, conveyed sincere interest in curing my worries and chasing my dreams. Our session was not just the brainstorm I expected: by the end, I had results.”

Xandra Burns

Owner, Heroine Training

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