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Hey, I’m Karen and I have a question for you: In this season of life, are you living life on your terms? Or are you still living paycheck-to-paycheck, too focused on what you don’t have to appreciate that which you do? Imagine the peace of mind that comes with knowing you can cover your monthly expenses while also having enough to not only save, but to even have a few guilt-free splurges along the way. Together we will finally instill in you the financial confidence you’ve been lacking.


Karen Trepte

9 Financial Tools Leading You to Smarter Money Management

Grab my free guide to the 9 Financial Products for Smarter Money Management today and get on the road to a more secure future tomorrow!

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Take Control of Your Time

Take Control of Your Money

 Does your money seem to have wings?

Your paycheck barely clears before it suddenly flies off again to cover one expense or another.


Let’s clip those wings and get that money to stick around!

“Karen Trepte set me on track for following my goals in just one hour – Something this multi-passionate thought was impossible!”
She is approachable, methodical, and most importantly, conveyed sincere interest in curing my worries and chasing my dreams. Our session was not just the brainstorm I expected: by the end, I had results.”

Xandra Burns

Owner, Heroine Training

Think back to the paint-by-number kits from when you were a child –
remember how tedious they could be?

And how impossible it was to spot
the picture for what it actually was?

Much like those kits, it can be hard to
spot growth opportunities when you’re spending all your time just trying to
keep up!

It’s time to let an expert have a look at your financial picture and help you
make sense of it once and for all. Stop exhausting yourself trying to sift
through a ton of contradictory advice about how to spend your money and

Make today the day you choose to believe in the financial

freedom and success you were born for.

"Huge compliments to Karen Knode Trepte... I just wrapped up our call with her, and even though I was skeptical that we would get much out of a 1-hour call, I have to say that it was truly an amazing experience. We gained immense insight into our business and five clearly defined action steps to take it to the next level all the while focusing on what we love to do. If you are looking for clarity on your business finances, I highly recommend Karen's services. You won't be disappointed."

Anita Jackel-Deggan

Indian Summer Leather

 It’s time to unveil the tactics necessary to ensure you never lose sleep over money ever again.


 Together we’ll craft a plan that not only allows you full control of your financial future,

but that leads to less stress, more money, and the success you’re meant for.



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“You helped me so much in 45 min – I’m so impressed! Starting a new online business can be very overwhelming for the uninitiated and for a while I’d been stuck in my head with indecision, spinning my wheels. I appreciate that Karen was an empathetic listener and communicator who was able to get insight from the realities of both my personal and professional life, then come up with a solution to help me move forward. I gained so much clarity by working with Karen, who was able to articulate what I couldn’t figure out for myself. While I know there’s a LOT of work ahead of me, I’m truly grateful I was able to receive the guidance to take simple, clear, action steps. Thank you again!”

Lori Rochino

“I had a great first session with Karen looking at my immediate and long-term goals and then coming up with specific action steps to take over the next couple of weeks that will move me most quickly towards my goals. At the end of the session, I looked down at the legal pad in front of me and felt like I had a good game plan to go on.”

Jen Turrell