So just in case, this is describing you please know I’m not angry. I actually have plenty to do and always have things lined up in case of missed appointments.

This has happened so frequently lately that I feel I must address it on this blog.

Just so you know this has never happened with all the big names that I have interviewed. More clues as to how important keeping a calendar is.

The best practice is to look at your calendar the night before and then the day of. I promise you this will save you stress.

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So if you make an appointment and then just don’t show up, I want you to seriously think about the impression that you are giving the other person.

Time is more valuable than money. It can’t be replaced. Even more important I want you to think about the message that you are giving yourself if you don’t keep a commitment.

Now rescheduling with sufficient notice and honoring the other person’s time is always appropriate. It’s also appropriate to reschedule at the last minute if an emergency comes up.

Even today, I got stuck in traffic and called ahead to let the doctor’s office know that I would be a few minutes late.

I really don’t know if it’s because I grew up in Japan where time was always punctual and so important whether I have this proclivity to keeping my agreements, Or whether it has just become acceptable for others in the online world to just let things, meaning appointments go.

This is not scolding. It’s, however, asking you to reflect. Do you have a Calendar? Do you honor yourself with giving yourself enough time to take care of you? Please schedule those things first.

And then enough with this rant. Please use your calendars. laugh out loud

Sending you tons of light and love.


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