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Black Friday has become a cultural phenomenon in the United States. Although it encompasses all types of retailers, the biggest and flashiest sales are always at electronics stores. Seeing a mammoth television that’s normally $500 for a fraction of that cost entices anyone to reconsider their Christmas list. Now with a slew of hot phones, competing smart speaker systems and video game consoles, the Black Friday electronics rush is going to be crazier than ever.

Best Buy has adapted to the changing electronics landscape, leaving competing companies to be relegated to the past. Twenty years ago I would shoot right past the door busters and directly to the CDs. Few things felt as great as completing my album collection at a bargain basement price.

Now that we’re all older and wiser, we know to look for the best deals before going out on Black Friday. Scoping out the ad scans and online sales beforehand lets us make the most of our time in the store. Getting out with your Christmas list complete and some cash still in your wallet is the adult version of finding a Nintendo under the tree. To that end, we’ve put together some Black Friday tips to get you the best deals on electronics with minimal effort and maximum savings.

Get help with checking the ads

This might seem like second-nature, but the ads really do preview the best possible deals. For instance, this year Best Buy has the new Google Pixel 4 – normally $899 – for $399. That an incredible price and though you might find that out by casually surfing their site, it’s not a guarantee. Luckily there is help out there to identify the best deals, what’s run out in your area and when to go. Slickdeals has 20 years of savings experience bundled up in an online community that provides constant feedback on doorbusters, availability of items in your area and other deals.

With an intuitive app and an active forum with over 2 million members, you can get up-to-date notifications on what’s on sale and when. Because electronics stores like Best Buy tend to have the biggest frenzy regarding doorbusters (hello $500 Insignia 58″ television for $199), it’s essential to plan ahead!

Find last year’s models

The one thing that most people don’t realize about Black Friday is that it’s the time for retailers to get rid of last year’s stock. From televisions to video game consoles, they want space for the new and shiny stuff. This is great news for people just looking for a new TV or a modern gaming rig, because last year’s model means insane discounts.

I picked up a 48″ television a few years ago for $55, marked down from over $350. It was back in the television section of my local Best Buy, far away from the flashy sales stands and displays. Never assume that because you missed a doorbuster that you’ve lost out on huge discounts; explore the whole store!

Black Friday Shopping with Best Buy

Grab up those open boxes

Damaged or open box goods are also a thing to hunt for on Black Friday. These are functional models of various electronics that either had their packaging damaged in transit or were returned to the store. They can’t sell them as new, so you can find some steep discounts. Unless you really care about a pristine cardboard box, take advantage of these hidden gems.

Make a secondary shopping list

We all have friends, cousins, nephews and nieces, bosses and coworkers and teachers to buy for. You can find some incredible deals on small-but-desirable products like tablets, computer parts and gift cards during Black Friday. Other people flocking to the huge sales often overlook these deals! Always check out Slick Deals to make sure you’re getting the best price; one fantastic feature is being able to, in real time, compare a price you found to other local retailers. This can honestly save you a lot of cash.

Don’t go into Best Buy alone (figuratively)

While you might be inclined to shop by yourself – and we don’t blame you – keep Slickdeals pulled up on your phone and shop with the confidence of 2 million other deal-seekers at your back. Electronics stores hold some of the most coveted holiday presents, but you are under no obligation to overpay. Use the resources available to you to make the most out of your Best Buy visit and you’ll be the smartest Santa around.