How to win with diversions

Let’s be honest. As entrepreneurs, we wear so many hats, it is super easy to be diverted. It’s easy for time to slip away and then feel frustrated about what you haven’t accomplished.

So many things, don’t know what to tackle first? Lured by Netflix? How about that webinar that someone you know is super successful is offering? Need to take your dog to the vet? Need to take yourself to the doctor? Are you under the weather or has your assistant taken another job? Or you just plain old don’t feel like working and frankly are a bit burnt out?

Here’s a tip that has helped me. Some folks claim that business and our lives are completely separate, I disagree. I know how to compartmentalize very well but as an entrepreneur, I’m always aware of where things stand in my business, I’m also aware of being me. A person. Happy petting my beautiful German Shepard dog who has been my companion for twelve years. Gazing at my new granddaughter. Sore from sitting too long working. Hungry. Focused. Whatever the emotion of the moment is.

This awareness serves me and helps me with diversions.

If I’m sitting quietly and a blog topic pops up, I stop and write it. Right then. If I’m feeling stuck or sore, I get up and walk outside for thirty minutes or at least go work on the dishes or the laundry if I’m in the middle of a project. It’s amazing how the ideas flow right back in and I feel terrific knowing the loads are switched. Keeps my days in an easier flow. Acknowledging I’m whole. One person with many different needs. Try it.

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Then tell me in the comments how it went for you and what you do with diversions. Happy fall. Here we go. Sending you tons of light and love.


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