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Hi, folks!

I would like to challenge you to slow down for a couple of minutes and think about the difference between being effective and being efficient. Today, it’s so easy to get caught up in a frenetic whirlwind of activity, but it also doesn’t have to be that way.

When I was working at one of my corporate jobs, at a mortgage firm, someone higher up decided to bring in an efficiency expert.

This sounded good, in theory. But, it didn’t play out very well…In the end, everyone got super stressed out and started running around like crazy, because we were now being timed on everything we did. No joke. We were being asked to time ourselves on how quickly we could remove a staple! Most of us found this ridiculous and insulting.

We were holding people’s mortgage documents in our hands, but rather than ensuring the information was accurate and that we were serving our customers well, we were being evaluated and compared on the dexterity of our hands.

I ended up leaving that company, as did quite a few others. In fact, so many of us left, the company was forced to close that branch.

So, what can this story teach you about your business? And, me about mine?

In the same way, it’s important for us to stick to our zone of genius and to delegate, it is equally important for us to evaluate the effectiveness of the tasks we are completing and/or delegating.

It’s not how fast we can turn out graphics or posts, but how connected our audience feels to what we are producing that matters. How fast you can staple, whether you have colour-coded files and the most perfectly polished presentation probably doesn’t matter to your customer as much as whether you can produce the results you promised.

When you are evaluating your day and what you should go on your calendar (or someone else’s), make sure those things are effective for your business and not just efficient.

Do the multitude of things on your to-do list align with your core values? Contribute to your bottom line? Serve your customer well?

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This is the barometer for determining overall effectiveness. And, the questions we should be asking as we set up strategies and systems, hire employees, etc.

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As always, sending you tons of light and love.