Hi, folks!

As a business owner, have you ever thought “How am I going to free up more of my time and money, so I can do the things I love?” I know you love your business. So, do I! And yet, it’s super important to be able to take breaks and get some non-business-related self-care in from time-to-time as well. 

You, likely, started your business to have freedom around your schedule and your finances, right?

The first thing we must acknowledge as business owners are that we are our own bosses. Are you the toughest boss you’ve ever had? Do you allow yourself time off occasionally? Really, and truly off though – like not working, at all?

Having your own business means always having more to do, and less separation of the different areas of life.

So, how do you stay sane and ensure you’re not working all the time? With simplicity, systems, and strategy.  

That has been my motto for a long time. Here’s the breakdown…

First, think about how you can make things simpler. You can refer to earlier posts about getting rid of things you are not passionate about – either by delegating or letting go. If you’d like to delegate but can’t afford it yet, make that an income goal!

Second, systems make a tremendous difference! It is so helpful to know exactly what you can and have to do each day. I also use systems to help me, sometimes, over-active brain settles into a rhythm, can anyone relate? And, to let me know when I have finished enough for one day. Without these parameters, I tend to drive myself crazy and want to work non-stop from sun-up to sundown. But, that is not a healthy, nor the most productive way to run a business. 

Third, having and knowing a strategy around time and financial management can help you develop good habits, as well as help you automate those things that can be automated. Stephen Covey talks a lot about the difference between urgent and important. By having a solid strategy around your time and money management, you always know that you are focusing on the most important parts of your life and business first.

These three things will help keep you sane, by preventing you from running around putting out fires all the time and dealing only with what is “urgent” and right in front of your face.

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As always, sending you tons of light and love. 


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