Hey, folks!

One of my favourite parts of being an entrepreneur is the freedom it gives me to focus on my priorities and to set my own schedule. Earlier this week I had a business meeting that was a few hours away, so I decided to make the most of it and go visit my daughter and grandchildren.

My granddaughter has an amazing, totally joyful personality. She knows how to laugh and have a good time wherever she goes – a girl after my own heart, for sure!

While my daughter went to pick up her son, my granddaughter and I played at the park. Although not quite two, she let her mom escape without shedding a tear, and immediately ran to the tallest structure and began climbing.

I admit: I was a little nervous, so I stayed right by her side, making sure I could grab her at a moment’s notice. When she got to the top, she seemed a little unsure and looked to me for confirmation.

I held out my arms and she jumped right into them, letting go of the ladder she had just climbed, squealing with delight! I set her back on the ground and watched as she ran right over to do it again, joyfully saying “Try it again, Try it again” without even the slightest hint of fear.

This was such a strong experience for me, and it caused me to really reflect on my own attitude and striving. She very clearly was not thinking about the past. She was just having fun at the moment, exploring and testing her limits.

So, I’d like to ask you the same… Are you stuck when it comes to time management and/or your finances? Are you ready to try again?

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I’m here for you and promise to hold my arms out in support when you get to the top of your perceived ladder and need some help. My consultations are 100% free, and together we will focus on getting you as close as possible to reach your goals.

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As always, sending you tons of light and love!

Hugs, 🤗

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