Time Management Under the Weather

Hi, Folks! Welcome to a new season and a new weather pattern wherever you are in the world. I have been a tiny bit under the weather. Due to a lot of natural products, it’s almost gone a couple of days later. But it made me reflect on the value of a system for Feng Shui Time Management.

Regardless of the causes, it is natural for energy to ebb and flow. Stick with the foundation of values first in your business. Certainly, I hope that your health is a major value for you. Without it, you’re unable to produce at all over the long-term.

So think of your health as your most valuable asset. And when your body asks you for rest as mine did these past couple of days, please listen and give it as much rest as possible. This is not the time to push.

This is, however, a great time to be productive in those moments and hours when your body is OK. Pulling from a system where you have your values and priorities lined up and outlined. On a running list either digitally or on paper takes the stress off when you already are not at your optimum level.

As always keep a maximum of three priorities for each day. And make sure that you tackle them only one at a time. If they are not all done today, start in order where you left off tomorrow.

Sometimes the smaller things or social media are ways to fill-in for a business in small patches when we have the energy. This is not the time to tackle a brand-new project.

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After all folks, this is a marathon, not a sprint and my ultimate goal for you is to create a system around time management that is peaceful.

Wishing you superlative health and tons of joy until next time.



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