If You Want Feng Shui Peace, Do Not Overschedule

As busy entrepreneurs, we tend to want to fit as much into our days as humanly possible. Laugh out loud ask me how I know.

An entrepreneur’s day is always extremely full and contains a never ending list of things that have to get done.  Here’s the rub though. If we over schedule our days they are likely to become more hectic and more chaotic.

Overwhelm and stress can ensue  and lead to  high blood pressure and illness or we can simply throw our hands up in the air and give up. I needed to take my husband to the hospital for a procedure.

I knew this was my number one priority and eliminated everything from my schedule except for one other small item.

The trip to the hospital ended up taking at least two times as long  as it normally would due to heavy rain and backed up traffic. I was so extremely grateful that I had let go of other things in my day and that I can have this peace.

I got home in the standard 20 minutes instead of taking an hour. When you have something important going on or even just as a routine good habit to get into, don’t over schedule.

I guarantee you that it will bring more balance and Feng Shui peace into your life.  Sending  you tons of light and love in this beautiful holiday season.

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