Hi folks, what does that title mean to you?

Here in the United States as we head into the summer months, our nation is about to celebrate a holiday that is all about freedom. That freedom was planned for and fought for.

As you know, as a time management and finance coach, I am all about planning… Not fighting. So what kind of freedom are you searching for? Do you want to have more freedom around time? Do you want to have more freedom around your finances and flexibility to do what you want to do when you want to do it? Laugh out loud. Are you a fellow rebel and love to do things your own way at your own speed?

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Well with a bit of planning and a bit of structure, you can actually achieve that in a very simple way.


Remember that my financial consultations are completely free to you. I love helping folks set up long-range plans for their finances. Think…Figuring out a certain sum of money to set aside every month and then taking action and setting up an account and then pretty much forgetting about it and just let it grow.

I know that thinking so far ahead is hard for some and can feel overwhelming.

That is where I can help you. I can show you how taking just $200 or $300 a month and setting it aside when you are young enough can earn you literally millions of dollars.

Beyond that, if you plan ahead, once you pay money on your income, you will never have to pay taxes again on the money that is growing or the income that you generated in that specific savings account.


Take a look at how much you pay in taxes and see what a huge amount that is over time. What if you could reduce that amount?


Want to know how? Book in here.

Sending you tons of love and light.