Figure out what you love so you can get yourself out of Overwhelm

Ever feel like there are too many things to do and not enough time to do them?

Today, we have access to more information than we could possibly absorb. And, we live in a world where busy-ness has become a badge of honour. It is so easy to get overwhelmed, particularly as business owners.

There’s so much to do and keep track of… launches, scaling, networking, sales, technology and social media algorithms that are constantly changing. Outside of that, we have our personal lives. If you are also a parent, you’re likely dealing with back-to-school right now: supply lists, new schedules, extracurriculars, homework.

Do you ever say “yes” to something only to be left wondering how or why you got yourself into that? Or, spend so much time doing that you’re not actually sure what it feels like to just be anymore?

Any of this sound familiar?

If so, you are not alone!

Here is a super practical way to pull yourself out of the overwhelm and start to get a handle on it.

First, take out a notepad or your favourite software/app and start writing a list of things that you love to do. What fills you up, makes you happy, feeds your soul? What would you do if you had an entire day to yourself? Don’t overthink, just write whatever comes to mind, and until you are satisfied. If writing is a struggle for you, try using a voice-to-text recorder on your phone or via email. This is a really simple way to brain-dump and creates the space you need to think clearly.

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Once you have compiled the list of things you love, turn your attention to everything on your list that must get done or that you have committed yourself to – for yourself, your household and your business. It is very likely that your list of “loves” and your list of “must do’s” or commitments don’t completely line up. That’s okay. This is just a starting place. And, it gives you a clear picture of the things you love to do and the things that need to get done. Looking at both lists, consider crossing off anything on your list of commitments that isn’t a “must-do” and isn’t something you love. Revolutionary, right?

Now, you can figure out how to prioritize and delegate what’s left. More on how to tackle that next week.

Until then, and as always, sending you tons of light and love.

Hugs ? Karen Trepte

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