How would you like for someone to assist you with figuring out your money for free?

To give you a GPS and a plan for where you are now and where you want to go? The company I work for now gives me that luxurious ability to do that for you.

40 years ago, I certainly would’ve loved that. In fact, I read many many self-help books on money, Real estate investments and stocks. Then I took the plunge. As they say, taking action is really the only way to learn.

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I feel vulnerable in sharing my life experiences with you because I certainly didn’t have a straight-up success. Even though I built my first house at 21 years of age, my first husband took $40,000 of our equity that we had earmarked for finishing off the house and went to Mexico with his girlfriend to party and buy cocaine. He sent me to my mothers back east first with my little two-year-old daughter.

When I returned, we started the long painful process of divorce. All of that is a way too familiar story for many of you but I want you to know that I have been in your shoes.

Figuring out how to hold onto my house and my property which I had invested everything in and figuring out how to feed my daughter which boosted my recipes of split pea soup tremendously.

I learned the hard way and I learned that hiring the least expensive contractors to finish out the house was a horrible idea especially when the plumbers who had run out of town left me with plumbing that was seeping out of the walls.

Take me up on my offer. You will be glad you did. Here’s the link.