I’m betting the scenario is super familiar to you. Your kitchen is full of dishes. The counters are barely visible. Your child just got sick and that’s really all you can attend to. Plus wait!

Oh my goodness,  you’re an entrepreneur and your list of things to do is Uber long. Yikes! What are you supposed to do?! Before you know it you’re not doing anything. You’re frozen and overwhelmed.

So here’s this week’s tip. Half ass it!  What?!!! Aren’t you supposed to be turning out top quality material, and be on social media, and of course be taking care of your family, your clients? Oh and then how about you?  Self-care? What in the world is that?

OK back to our solution.

I’m serious! Half ass it!  Let go of perfectionism and just start in with one small baby step.

Let go of perfectionism and just start in with one small baby step. Click To Tweet
This is the key if not the main key to being super productive.

Example:  my kitchen was looking like the aforementioned scenario.  I was feeling overwhelmed. But I knew better so I started in one dish at a time.  Five minutes later, I had unloaded the dishwasher. In the  next five minute goal, I had loaded the dishwasher. I  put the food away. Wiped down the counters. Total project 20 maybe 25 minutes and that’s where I got the idea for the this blog because I realized how much I have changed. The kitchen was nowhere near perfect and neither will your list, your to do list or anything else be perfect so set small goals and take action.  Five minute increments works.

Test it.   Believe it.

Comment below and share how this worked for you.

Sending you tons of light and love.