This past week, I hosted my very first webinar ever:

Reclaiming Your “You” Time: The Secret to Freeing Up 6+ Hours Every Week.

(If you missed it—and you might have because we had more than one technical difficulty—there’s a free recording right here.)

The inspiration for this webinar came from deep within me. Time management is a topic I’m very passionate about and consider myself a bit of an expert in. There are lots of ways to spread this message, but I chose a webinar because I wanted a vehicle that had the highest impact and where I could reach the most people. And it costs no money for the listener, which is a great bonus!

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1. Know your audience

This is a problem that nearly everyone faces. My intended audience for this webinar was mompreneurs. I speak well to them because I am one myself. You may have read on my about page that I carried my daughter on my back with me to sales calls early in my career! But within a few minutes of posting the news about this webinar on our Facebook page, we had received more than 400 likes. Clearly, all of us could use more us time.

2. Surround your self with people that are happy for you

When you’re starting something new, surround yourself with people who are happy for you and love you no matter how it goes. I was lucky enough to have my daughter Jasmine visiting, and she took proud pictures of her mom hosting her first webinar. Even as we stumbled over the technical stuff, it was still fun to get to spend this monumental business experience with my family.

3. Internet Restrictions

Foreign countries have their own internet restrictions. This was a big one. I was going live on the webinar from China, and it turns out that there was a Great Firewall to get past that kept our webinar from reaching some of our audience. Obviously not what you want people to experience!

4. You need a great team

You need a great team. I will repeat it again. You need a great team. To launch this webinar, it took me, two marketing directors, an assistant, a social media person, a copywriter and a designer. And it still wasn’t perfect, but we accomplished so much more than if I had been working by myself. I like to encourage my clients to hire people to help them with the tasks that are outside of their zone of genius, and this was one of those times when it proved absolutely necessary—especially when the technical pieces started crashing around me!

5. Invest in great tools

You need great tools. We experimented with a few different things to launch Reclaiming Your “You” Time: The Secret to Freeing Up 6 Hours Every Week. Tried a software known for its great sales pages; we couldn’t customize it enough for our needs and ended up making our own in WordPress. Linked the sales page to MadMimi so we could send information about the webinar to our list. We had to find a webinar software that would allow me to present my material and interact with the audience live. And we had to use Trello to stay on top of all of the moving pieces. No (wo)man is an island, and it turns out neither is a webinar.

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6. Be humble.

So we didn’t nail our first webinar attempt. The content was there; we just got a bit tripped up with the execution. That’s to be expected your first time doing anything. We had to make sure we were honest about the trouble we were having so people knew what was going on, and then we had to let it go. We didn’t beat ourselves up about it because that wouldn’t have solved anything.

7. You can’t please everyone.

We had people in different timezones waking up to join our webinar. That’s amazing! I was so honoured to see that and felt very blessed to have that sort of a reaction to what we were doing. But with the technical glitches, there was a lot of starting and stopping, and it ended up being a problem. As you can imagine, not everyone was happy, and I understand why. We were doing the best we could given the situation, but it’s regrettable that it didn’t run smoothly.

8. Spend more time doing what works and less time doing what doesn’t.

This one is as much a webinar lesson as it is a time management one. What we discovered with the tremendous response to Reclaiming Your “You” Time: The Secret to Freeing Up 6+ Hours Every Week was that this a problem that people are willing to solve. So I’m dedicating more teachings to this in future blogs and offerings because I want to do what I can to help the mompreneurs who are struggling to manage their careers and families while maintaining their sense of self. I know what it’s like because I’ve been there, so I will let you know about the other things we’ll be making to help.

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9. Don’t rush the process.

I’ve always been an action-taking woman. I had to be—I’m a mom after all. Whether that was opening up a flower shop or winning a spot in the Japanese all national swimming competition, it left little room for sitting around. I’m the same way in my business. But I still need to leave the room for it to unfold the way it’s supposed to, and that means stepping back and taking it all in before moving forward.

10. Sometimes it’s better to go 1:1.

Webinars are a great vehicle to spreading a message and helping multiple people at once; they’re very efficient in that way. But sometimes you really do need to talk to a person, just the two of you. Whether that’s because you want to reveal a piece of yourself that’s personal or you’re shy and don’t like to speak up in public or because you’ve tried everything out there and nothing seems to work for you, there are moments when you just need to be heard. That’s why I’m keeping the path clear to free 1:1 calls with me. If you need 1:1 support, I encourage you to apply.

If you could use 6+ more hours of you time per week, I do invite you to listen to the webinar recording. It’s free for now, but I can’t promise that it always will be.

Karen Trepte