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Have you ever felt stuck financially? Or, wondered how you are going to make all your dreams come true? If so, you are not alone! Most people who take me up on a FREE financial consultation fall somewhere in there.

In fact, that is the reason I got started doing this in the first place. When I was in my 20’s, I found myself as a newly divorced single mom. While finances had always been an integral part of my life (my father founded Merril Lynch in Tokyo, Japan), I had also always approached them from a place of privilege – until then. It was at this point I began doing an incredible amount of research and learning. I wanted nothing more than to provide well for my daughter and to achieve my own goals and dreams on the side.

Here is what I learned at that point and, since then, over the last 40 years…


The 3 best ways to get rich are:


1) Real Estate

This is contingent upon a lot of factors. But, for the most part, flipping houses and/or investment properties can be a huge money maker. This option, however, requires a large investment up-front and is not for the risk-averse.


2) Own A Business

Again, not for those who are uncomfortable with risk. But, owning your own business has always been a way to make a considerable amount of money. The problem with this option is that it can also be cost-prohibitive—especially at the beginning. And, many of these ventures don’t last beyond the first couple of years.

**This is a total side note, but a great time for me to mention this opportunity nonetheless… I am currently looking to add two members to my team. These folks must have integrity and be passionate about helping set people up financially to achieve their goals and dreams.

All necessary training is available online, I would help you get started, mentor you if wanted, and here’s the best part: you can make some serious money (whether you work the business full-time or as a side hustle), with a start-up cost of less than $250!!!

The job is basically this: you’d act as a sort of personal shopper for people who are potentially interested in investing. You’d represent some of the largest A+ companies in the finance world to help find the best product or service for each client and help them map out a plan to reach their goals. It truly is rewarding and extraordinary work. If you’d like to hear more about it or are curious what, specifically, this opportunity would look like please reach out to me here, or on any social media channel at KT Finances.

3) Start Saving and Investing When You’re Young

This is the one I am most passionate about because it is the one that is most attainable for everyone! Even just $200 a month could earn you a hefty sum over the long haul IF you invest it early in the right vehicle. I know it’s hard when you’re young – and sometimes when you’re not so young – to think about where or how you might be able to find some extra money to invest. But, trust me…it’s worth it! The time-value of money is a huge deal and investing now will save you so much grief later. Not only that, but it could set you (and/or your children) up for a super comfortable lifestyle down the road.

There are new products out there that are risk-free (unlike the stock market), offer way higher interest than a typical savings account, and where your earnings grow tax-free. I wish these products were an option or that I had known about them when I was young!

Get in the habit of saving and investing or paying yourself first, then allocating your money to bills, expenses, entertainment, etc. You won’t ever regret it, and you won’t have to feel the squeeze of trying to play catch up later in life, when you may have less ability to do so.

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As always, sending you tons of light and love. 


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