If you have been in any of the stores lately, you’ll know that holiday season is upon us. It seems the second, we are done with Halloween, retail season ramps up and stores begin to feed that frantic mantra of “show people you love them by purchasing this amazing item, at this particular store, right now.”

There’s not necessarily anything wrong with that… giving and receiving gifts is fun.

But, as any parent knows, the gift-giving, and purchasing can get out of hand. Remember a few years back when Hatchimals were the “it” toy of the season and people were driving across state lines, paying hundreds of dollars to secure the sought-after and sold out toy for their kids? Or, have you ever experienced the post-holiday hangover where you realize you went a little overboard, but your child insists he/she has nothing “fun” to play with?

What if I told you that for roughly the same amount of money per month that you would spend on the latest, greatest “it” toy, you could set your child up to become a millionaire when they are older? You CAN. There are long-term savings options out there that will do just that—allowing you to give a gift that is both super meaningful and will last a lifetime.

Have you ever considered giving the gift of a secure financial future? And, would you do it if you knew that it would cost you less than $100/month?

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In the financial world, we talk a lot about paying yourself first. The idea is to structure your budget around setting money aside for you (saving, investing, etc.) first and making everything else fit in around that. The reason being: we will always allocate whatever money we have to other things if we are not super intentional about it.

As we head into this season of giving, think about what kinds of gifts you would like to give your children. And, what kinds of gifts you would like to give yourself… Do you really need another __________, or would that money be better “spent” elsewhere?

Embrace the spirit of the season and give generously — just make sure you are paying yourself first and giving gifts that truly matter.

To chat about paying yourself first and/or giving the gift of a secure financial future, simply book your call today. This service is quick, completely FREE, requires zero commitment on your part, and will give you an idea of the best financial options for you.

In light and so much love this holiday season,

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