What do Money & Time Management have in common

Everything in my world works in baby steps. Without baby steps, I couldn’t survive and I’m guessing that your life is as full and abundant as mine, with tons and tons of different things to do especially as an entrepreneur.

So accept it! Speaking to myself here, lol! Here’s the scoop: Figure out what your priorities are. Work on only three at a time at the most. Sound familiar?

Whether we’re talking about money or time management or baby steps, my main tip is that focus on 3 things at a time!

And this will work for you no matter what we are talking about. Be it Money or Time.

That’s because the principles for money management and time management work the same. We have to start where we are. There is no way around that. Chaotic or smooth? Either way, it has to be from where we are now.

The good news is that baby steps add up and so do small increments of money.

It’s amazing when you have a mindset shift and start keeping track of your money how many easy ways there are to save it and how many amazing ways there are to invest it in very small increments to make a huge impact in your life.

I’m sending you as always tons of light and love and wishes for abundance and prosperity.


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