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As I sit here almost at the end of my meditation and my cup of yummy warm green matcha tea powder mixed with raw cacao, coconut oil, grass fed butter, vanilla and a couple drops of cinnamon, I’m thinking about you and rest.

How is it going for you? Has your week been as busy as mine?

With multiple projects in front of you where it feels like it’s nonstop? I’m giving you permission to stop with me right now before this beautiful weekend and just sit quietly and think about it.

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What do you really want? Is it really frenetic constant activity? Or can we pause long enough together to look out on the beautiful fruit trees and the blossoms and the bees?

Implore yourself to stop. Even for a few moments.

Carve out those rest notes in your day when you are operating from a Zen-like place.

Create peace around you. Inside of you and know that this journey can seem like a long one at some points but that it really isn’t.

Stop. Embrace. Enjoy.

Sending you tons of light and love.