For the majority of people, the easiest place to find money to save is food! If you’re going out to eat on a regular basis, this is the very simplest way to save money.

Remember baby steps?! Works great for finance too!

Simply reduce your going out by one or two times a week and start cooking more at home. If you, like me, already don’t go out to eat very often, then your food budget and better planning is still the very simplest way to save money. As Melissa d’Arabian said, the most expensive food you will ever buy is the food you throw away!

The most expensive food you will ever buy is the food you throw away! Click To Tweet

When I fed my two-year-old daughter split pea soup as a newly divorced mom, that allowed me to keep the house that I built at 21. Since my current husband of almost 38 years is in construction. That industry is feast or famine. Our kids love Mexican food because I made a lot of homemade beans and brown rice while raising them.

Here’s an off-topic tip. If your family likes white rice better than brown. Try mixing the two to start and eventually taste buds will adjust. It worked for my family!

Now I’m not talking about subsisting on white flour, white rice, buying discounted old vegetables and using a lot of coupons for what seems to be a bargain on canned goods.

I actually read an entire library book once on couponing and discovered that in the majority of cases, simply buying a generic brand which is often manufactured at the very same facilities as the better-known brands is statistically a better way to save money than to use coupons on branded food.

Time management, as well as money management, is my jam and it’s not my particular favourite to spend hours clipping coupons. So I personally do not.

Plus organic healthy fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grains (even though I’m gluten-free and eat quinoa and brown rice rather than wheat) are super important to me as is mine and my family’s health.

I may not always get to the gym and decide instead to spend extra hours on my client’s files, but I do my best to always eat healthy food.

When I opened my two CSA, which means, community supported agriculture, boxes. I happen to use farm fresh but the important thing to me is supporting local farmers. Knowing it actually comes from a family of farmers so it has extra meaning for me.

Using a CSA is such an easy way to save both time and money.

First, the vegetables and fruits that I receive are always uber fresh so if it takes me a couple of extra days to use them it’s OK. I’m already at least a few days ahead of what I would’ve bought in the grocery store.

Not only that, I find that by ordering things online (yes including Amazon prime so I barely ever have to go shopping). I’m only ordering things that I really want or need. It takes away that impulse buy from the grocery store. And it makes it really super easy to see how much I’m spending before I even hit the buy button.

If you have any extra tips on your favourite way to save money, I would love to hear them. Did these tips help you? I would love for you to share it on Facebook or other social media channels.

As always sending you tons of light and love.