Do you ever think in black-and-white? Try thinking in “ER” instead.

Housecleaning I confess isn’t one of my top priorities, but it needs to be done. Looking at some dusty ceiling fans this past Sunday, I started getting into a deep clean. Of course, one thing leads to another as it always does and before I know it, I’m wiping down dusty window shades, windowsills and starting on the kitchen floor.

I have multiple goals as I’m sure you do too. What are they for you? Time? Money?

As I was heading out for a swim, I need to exercise, I felt inspired to write this blog for you. So, laugh out loud, I haven’t headed out to swim yet, but trust me I will soon. I thought about cleaning the whole house and had to stop if I wanted to work on any other goals today.

So I thought to myself, the house is cleaner and then I thought about how that applied to life and wanted to share with you. Yes, I’ve lost a few pounds so I am thinner. I have exercised more so I am healthier. The point is I haven’t reached my goals but I am closer. Think about how this small mindset shift can bring you more peace.

How can you start thinking in terms of “er” in your life?

If you think you have to save $300 a month to get started on a journey to wealth, and you don’t know where to find the $300, it’s easy to spend the $50 to $100 a month that you do have to save on something else. Right? It’s always easy to throw in the towel. Warren Buffet started with buying a very small local business and translated that over time to the billions he has now, without paying a penny in taxes.

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Want to be wealthier? Calmer? More in charge of your own time? I couldn’t figure out how to make that one end in ER but maybe you can help me out.

Start thinking of how you can get closer to your goals every day. It doesn’t have to be a black & white measurement you can inch closer to your goals every day a little bit at a time.

Interested in how to save and preserve your hard earned money without paying more taxes? Set up a free consultation with me and I’m happy to share secrets of the wealthy that have been around since 1913.

Have a beautiful fall. Be kind to yourself.
As always sending you tons of light and love.


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