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We all have challenges in our life’s. Some people have more challenges with time. Some people have more challenges with money. I have had both in spades.

Amazingly enough, strategies for one are easily translated into strategies for both.

Taking life as it comes. Accepting it. Making a plan to deal with it. Even if life is changing all around you and you need to make a new plan every week or even every day.

My non-judgemental approach means that I don’t care how much you spend on restaurants every month. It doesn’t matter if you’ve wracked-up considerable credit card debt over the last few years. We’ll work through the fact that you love to shop retail. No matter what is going on right now, we will find the best ways for you to pay yourself—in savings—for your future. You’re in control of your financial future and I am here to help you see that.

You can gain control over your business or personal finances and I will help you.
Let’s talk about your pain points and bust through roadblocks on a FREE Clarity Session.

There are plenty of great sources out there for sound financial advice and information. If weeding through dry books on money or guessing at which websites are educational vs. sales focused isn’t for you, then we’re going mesh well.

When we begin to collaborate on our strategy, I hope that you’ll consider me a safe and trusted confidante—someone who will translate the corporate jargon and get down to business on how to get to where you want to be.

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My interest in finance was sparked early in life. In fact, I was born into it and taught the nuts and bolts as a little girl. When I was in the first grade my father opened a Merrill Lynch office in Tokyo. We talked openly about money in my home and I was taught to budget my $2 allowance rather than spend it all at once on comic books.

I built my first house at 21 years and have since invested in multiple properties.

I started my MBA in my twenties, took time off to care for my young children and finished my MBA in my fifties.  I went on to earn a Masters in Asia Pacific Studies and studied for several years at the College of Financial Planning.

I’ve experienced ups and downs in life—events that have forced me to evaluate and change course with my own finances. As a young mother, I found myself single and the sole provider for my children. We ate a lot of pea soup during those days, but we got through it.  Later, I would take on full care of my aging parents—a difficult task that many of my clients have also had to face.

  • Take Control of Your Money
  • Manage Your Time More Efficiently
  • Be More Productive
  • Gain Clarity on Exactly What Steps To take to Reach Your Goals
  • Recognize the Energy Around Opportunities and Whether to Say Yes or No
  • Honor Your Own Feelings About Money and Find Strategies that Work for You

Let’s Discover how we can turn your financial dreams into reality.

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You won’t believe what you can achieve for your business and your life when you start to walk between the raindrops. You’re in charge of your destiny when it comes to financial freedom. I’m here to help you find your path and I can’t wait to talk about all that the future holds.

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