#004 Feng Shui in the XXI Century with Bette Steflik

We sit down with Bette Steflik to talk about using Feng Shui in your spaces and in your life in the XXI Century.

Bette Steflik is a Feng Shui expert, a master at space and an artist. She’s been in business for herself for over 17 years helping clients create meaningful designs for their spaces.

Bette believes Feng Shui is an interior design for the soul. And Bette has made it her life’s work to understand how the Ch’i (energy) affects the soul of humans in their space.

In her consulting practice “Your House Is Talking” she takes your floor plan and your narrative and weaves together the story of your home and what it says about you. Then she brings together the elements of colour, design and Feng Shui wisdom to help you arrange your space so it serves your highest potential.

Biggest takeaways you don’t want to miss:

  • How to bring in Feng Shui into your home in the XXI century.
  • Reducing stress and increasing vitality with Feng Shui.
  • Beauty as a transcendental and transformative power.

Links mentioned in the Podcast:

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