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I’m Karen Trepte,

My passion is helping entrepreneurs, like you, invest your money and maximize your savings so you can set yourself up for long-term success. 

Whether you are making $3k, $5k, or consistent $10k months in your business.

I can help you create savings, investment, and retirement plan that meets both your short term and long term needs.

Ready to set yourself up for long-term success?

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Finance not your wheelhouse?

Wishing that you had a safe confidante that you could talk to about all things money? Looking for someone that can translate all that corporate speak?

How often do you think about your savings and retiring? Or does your head just spin when you hear that word retirement? Or do you even allow yourself to think about life could be different for you than it is right now?

Would you rather just hide your head in the sand and not deal with it at all? Have you thought about going to a “professional“ and then got scared because you don’t want to give your control away?

I’m here for you.

I was born into the world of finance and believe that it is my mission to make it simple for you. Profitable. Easy. Safe. Secure. My father opened the Merrill Lynch office in Tokyo Japan after civil unrest broke out in Panama where we were living when I was in first grade.

To me finance is cosy. Home. Comfortable. I have loved it since I was five years old. Let me share that with you.

A bit about me…

I was born into the world of finance and have loved finance since I was about 5 years old.

When I was in the first grade my father opened a Merrill Lynch office in Tokyo. I built my first house at 21 years old and have been investing in multiple properties ever since.

I started my MBA in my twenties but then had young children and a family so finished my MBA in my fifties along with a Masters in Asia Pacific Studies and studying for several years at the College of Financial Planning.

My mission is to make finances (managing, investing, and saving your money) simple, profitable, safe, and secure for you.

I’m here for You on Both Fronts

How do you see time and money in your own life?  How would you like it to be different?
It’s all about: 
Simplicity. Systems. Strategy.

Take Control of Your Time

Take Control of Your Money

“If I ever get stuck again, I’m calling Karen—I’m not wasting another 3 weeks of staring at the computer screen and feeling terrible.”

A lot of us women entrepreneurs, we’re like, ‘No, I can do everything. I can do this. I’m motivated. But we need help sometimes. And Karen made me see that I’m doing a good job, to relax, not be so hard on myself. Just by her comments saying, ‘Nikki, love yourself,’ that has made me be so much more productive. Now I have an actual game plan. I have steps. I have 1, 2 and 3 written down in my notebook, and I’m doing number 1 – until I’m DONE with number 1, which was my problem before. If I get stuck again, I’m calling Karen again. I’m not wasting another 3 weeks of staring at the computer and feeling terrible. And honestly, I want to do that for the rest of my business career. Nikki Rowley

Productivity in business looks like:

  • Getting total clarity on the next steps you need to take to reach your big goals.
  • Identifying your energy around opportunities when to say “no” and when to say “yes”.
  • Learning strategies so your time works for you.
  • Honoring your energy patterns around the ebbs and flows of your body, mind, and spirit.
  • Knowing that you are making the right decisions to move you and your business forward.

“I got more out of our time together than I did out of 3 other coaching calls combined!”

I’ve built/managed/sold internet businesses for the past 16 years, so I’ve spoken to quite a few consultants and advisors. Karen was able to ascertain exactly where I was and what I needed within a very short period of time. I got more out of our time together than I did out of three other coaching calls combined! I would highly recommend Karen, especially if you are feeling stuck and are just not quite sure why that is. Nancy-Lynn Vorel

So often as entrepreneurs we identify with that voice in our brain that yells at us to “Go go go!” and “Do do do!” But is there any joy in that? Is there any love?

And how is it possible that we can be so busy in our businesses yet feel like we’ve finished so little by the end of the day? Strive for perfection yet feel so far away from reaching it? And be in such constant movement yet actually feel paralyzed inside?


We’ve made a dangerous decision somewhere along the way to tune our own intuition out and to let everyone else’s opinions in.


The results? We feel lost. Overwhelmed. Confused about what direction to turn and how we will ever get to where we want to be. When we sit down at our computers to work, our heads are flooded with ideas but our fingers are frozen in self-doubt. “Is this the correct move for me? Is that?”

We’re so out of touch with ourselves and uncertain about the right—and the wrong—steps to take to meet up with our futures that we simply stay stuck exactly where we are. And when progress is this slow, our dreams seem impossible.


You won’t believe what you can achieve for your business and your life when you start to walk between the raindrops.


Like you, I spent years running in circles as an entrepreneur. Flower shops, MLMs, a bustling daycare center—I was the boss of all of them, so why did it feel like my businesses were in charge of me?

I was a woman adrift, losing sight of the shore and floating farther and farther away from the life I set out to live. I knew something had to change, and quickly too.

Once I realized how much power I had over my decisions and my destiny and how easy it really was to establish success on my own terms, the sky was the limit. Through practice and research, I developed the Feng Shui Framework for running a joyful business based on what I learned from my time abroad in Japan and what brought about the deepest sense of calm for myself, for my family and for my clients. Now I apply these principles to everything from time management to starting a new project, and I always come out the other side clearer, more organized and more aligned with my inner truth.

“After I spoke to Karen, I felt really clear. I felt like I was ready to take on the world!”

I was down on myself when I first met Karen. At my wit’s end trying to build my site, and everything was becoming really overwhelming. Confused with what I was doing, and Karen helped me clear all that. She refreshed me. She broke down everything I had to do into simple steps, and I just felt like after I had spoken to her, I knew what I was doing. I felt really clear, really motivated, really on top of it. I felt like I was ready to take on the world. Alanna Blundo