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Huge compliments to Karen Knode Trepte… Anita and I just wrapped up our call with her, and even though I was skeptical that we would get much out of a 1-hour call, I have to say that it was truly an amazing experience. We gained immense insight into our business and five clearly defined action steps to take it to the next level all the while focusing on what we love to do. If you are looking for clarity on your finances, I highly recommend Karen’s services. You won’t be disappointed.

Anita Jackel-Deggan Testimonial by Alanna Blundo

“Karen is a wonderful (and intuitive) consultant. She pushed me out of my comfort zone, inspired me to “get’er” done, and knew what my business needed within the first session. I am very impressed with her skills. I highly recommend you hire this woman right away. She knows how to put the fire back in your business and she even has the right connections to get your name out there.

Trisha Condo

Karen came into my life at the perfect time. In our first session, I got great support and clarity. She really helped me to see my strengths and how I can use these to full effect. She works from the heart but is very pragmatic at the same time. At the end of the session, I left with a clear direction of the exact steps that I needed to take to reach my financial goals. I felt confident and excited by the clarity I got in the session with Karen.

Heidi Lidholm

It’s time to create a strategy and break it down into baby steps. So that you can take action without feeling overwhelmed. Staying in the present is the only way to handle these challenges especially when they seem urgent. I’m here for you on both fronts!

Karen helped me so much in 45 min – I’m so impressed! Starting a new online business can be very overwhelming for the uninitiated and for a while I’d been stuck in my head with indecision, spinning my wheels, stressing about finances. I appreciate that Karen was an empathetic listener and communicator who was able to get insight from the realities of both my personal and professional life, then come up with a solution to help me move forward. I gained so much clarity by working with Karen, who was able to articulate what I couldn’t figure out for myself. While I know there’s a LOT of work ahead of me, I’m truly grateful I was able to receive the guidance to take simple, clear, action steps. Thank you again!

Lori Rochino

Karen’s consultant sessions are game changers. I went into the first session feeling lost, overwhelmed and stuck with creating my business. After 45 minutes with Karen, I had 10 manageable action steps, 3 concrete goals and energy bursting out of my veins! The best part about it, however, was that I actually followed through and took action. If you’re stuck or just need some direction in your business, Karen is an amazing individual who will listen to you ramble on about your fears, doubts, and ideas and turn them into a step-by-step, practical action plan to achieve your dreams. Thank you, Karen!

Nikki Alicia Samaniego

I had a great first session with Karen looking at my immediate and long-term goals and then coming up with specific action steps to take over the next couple of weeks that will move me most quickly towards my goals. At the end of the session, I looked down at the legal pad in front of me and felt like I had a good game plan to go on.

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Jen Turrell

Some say that starting your own business is the best personal development program you can sign-up for… Karen deeply understands this. She goes far beyond the basics of smarter money and time management. In just 90 minutes, she’s helped me prioritize my goals and organize my busy schedule as a new mom with a full-time job, building a business on the side. In a very caring way, she’s helped me define the next action-steps towards the balanced life and business of my dreams.

Elsa A. Razborsek

I truly enjoyed my work with Karen. She was able to help me see my priorities clearly and create accountability and results. Thank you, Karen, for all of your expertise and insight!


Before I spoke with Karen, I had big money goals but lacked concrete action steps. Karen took a genuine interest in my business and really made me feel like she cares about my success. She helped me solidify five action steps and we even brainstormed a new product offering during our conversation! Karen helped me get clear on what I need to do to take my business to the next level. I’m excited to move forward and meet my goals!

Terra Milo

It’s time to create a strategy and break it down into baby steps. So that you can take action without feeling overwhelmed. Staying in the present is the only way to handle these challenges especially when they seem urgent. I’m here for you on both fronts!

WOW is the first word that comes to mind after sharing our one-hour session together! I have two full pages of actionable notes that will in most likely take several weeks to complete. Thank you for the connection, and the incredible authentic presence that you brought to our meeting. I truly valued all that you shared with me and I feel that I can now move my business forward by leaps and bounds.

Cheryl Rozovsky

Karen really helped me think through things. Together we created a five-step plan to assist me in getting the results I want. She was firm when needed but also very sensitive and helpful. I feel more confident these days having an action plan in place. It wasn’t the easiest process for me but Karen made it better with her patience and support. I love the assignments you came up with, they certainly will help, so thank you!

Shannon Nicholson

I was feeling beyond overwhelmed and Karen had me back on track within our first call. She helped me gain insight and clarity on my main priorities and the steps I need to take to achieve them. Karen has a calm, clear way of putting things, she got right to the heart of the matter within minutes. It was wonderful to give myself permission to stop and actually consider what I want to achieve and why. Now I have a plan and am putting it into action daily. No more overwhelm. In fact, I feel very calm and focused. My first e-book will be launched in June, and I am over the moon!

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Lisa & Sam (Salvatore) Chiodo

I’ve built/managed/sold internet businesses for the past 16 years, so I’ve spoken to quite a few consultants and advisors. Karen was able to ascertain exactly where I was and what I needed within a very short period of time. I got more out of our time together than I did out of three other calls combined! I would highly recommend Karen, especially if you are feeling “stuck” and are just not quite sure why that is.

Nancy-Lynn Vorel

In a mere hour’s time, Karen was not only able to direct me to some great resources and action steps to help identify more clarity in my mission, she helped me realize that I could start working on my ICA (ideal customer avatar) even before knowing my exact business model. Additionally, through a series of questions, Karen helped me finally crystallize in my mind that I have to stop putting things into my business that I just don’t like. This one realization alone was worth our time together and key to my business planning! Now I can focus on including the things that bring out the best in me, and therefore the best in those who do business with me!

Kim Wennerbert

I want to thank Karen Knode Trepte for a fun and enlightening call the other day! Sometimes you just need to hear yourself say what you know and want bounce off someone and she was amazing with her listening and interpretation skills! Thanks to you, Karen, I am launching the Blueprinting course later today or tomorrow! My students thank you. So many have been asking for it but you really reminded me what a great skill and fun course that is!

Tina Williams

Karen’s caring consultant work fosters confidence. Her candid feedback inspires clients to reach for the next level of success. It’s thanks to her that I’m expanding to include more things I love – like copywriting and food writing – in my business. Karen is a one-in-a-million!

Kim Watkinson

Karen takes a unique holistic approach to her consultant work. Her warm energy and her extensive knowledge in a vast range of areas such as finance, business and spirituality make her the perfect match for everyone in business! You can expect ah-ha moments. And you can expect to feel excited about your business. Thank you so much, Karen, words cannot even explain how freaking awesome I feel about my business right now!

Alanna Blundo

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I wasn’t sure how much value I could get out of a one-hour session but Karen is fantastic. She started off by stating that we would get five action steps from our conversation and proceeded to really work through my business and ideas to lay out a concrete plan that got me motivated and organized. I feel like I have a much clearer idea on how to move forward and what steps to take to get everything up and running. Her advice, positive encouragement and genuine excitement about our plans made me feel inspired and ready to take action. Thanks so much.

Julie Morey

Before I spoke with Karen, I had three areas that I was concerned about how to move forward. Karen processed and brainstormed with me, had me create specific action steps, and lovingly encouraged me to be willing to back off or shift as needed. If you’re struggling with clarity and overwhelm, especially as it relates to your financial future, Karen is an excellent resource!

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Wendy Reese

In just one hour, she gave me a solid game plan for my whole future! She created five action items for me to start on immediately, and all five were in line with my goals. I went from using no calendar to using a digital calendar every day, from never blocking set “work” time to blocking out chunks of each daytime for me, time for writing, time for calls, time for marketing, etc. Calendaring may seem like a pretty basic business to-do, but I’ve always been the type who keeps in all in her head, even down to doctor’s appointments. Karen helped me realize that if I’m going to run a successful business and hit that six-figure mark, then I need to have a smarter system in place.

Jennifer Lozier

Karen Trepte set me on track for following my goals in just an hour – something that this multi-passionate thought was impossible! She is approachable, methodical, and most importantly, conveyed sincere investment in curing my worries and chasing my dreams. Our session was not just the brainstorm I expected: by the end, I had results.

Xandra Burns

Karen Knode Trepte is very compassionate and experienced consultant, she tells it as it is and her energy is soothing. She helped me simplify my expectations, turn those goals into doable steps and focus in bringing more balance between work and play.

Virginia Sanchez Navarro

I JUST FINISHED a Skype session with the AMAZING advisor Karen Knode Trepte … Wow, what a super lovely woman, full of insight and ideas for my business. Karen is so kind, warm and such a great listener… and then she comes up with incredible insight, ideas, action steps, etc. This hour spent with her is game-changing and extremely inspiring. ** I HIGHLY ** recommend her and her services!! THANK YOU SO MUCH Karen!!!!

Nathalie Lesage

I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Karen. She is a present, focused, and heart-centred advisor, and she challenged me to set tangible goals and action steps. She is an excellent listener, was empathetic toward my needs and experience, and took care to connect with me on a personal level. I appreciated the clarity of her session plan and the way she checked in me with me as we were working. I was able to accomplish several of the actions I set with her immediately following the session and some of these were actions I had been putting off for months; clearly, her motivation, expertise, and guidance were incredibly beneficial to me and my business!

Liz Kimball

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