Learn exactly what you need to focus on to lift your business!

In one hour we will develop a clear schedule so that you will know exactly what you need to focus on in order to bring more income to your business.

Are you overwhelmed and stressed and don’t know what to do in order to move your business forward? Together we’ll come up with clear steps, based on your values and customize a strategy to use your time in a calm, focused and more effective way so that you can get more done, make more money and enjoy your relaxing time guilt free.

Learn exactly what you need to focus on in each moment despite the interruptions.

“Karen’s business coaching sessions are game changers!” – Nikki Rowley.

60 min one-on-one strategy session to start to solve your individual time puzzle.

A follow up 15 minute call one week later to answer any questions.

Recording of your session so that you can use all the ideas generated.

You will feel peaceful about time. Your body will relax and stress will fly out the window. Your mind will become clear.

A feeling of harmony around time will permeate your being.

Create harmonious surroundings that bring a sense of balance, to your time and your life.

Imagine a Zen environment or a Japanese garden. See the stillness and the peace.

This is how Karen wants to help you  feel about your life and business every day!

Working with Karen, you will develop a clear schedule and know exactly what you need to focus on to bring more income to your business. When you go to bed at night, you will know what to do in the morning.

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When you wake up in the morning, you will know exactly what to focus on, you will feel the progress without overwhelm.

You will give up your guilt and be in the moment with your children and loved ones. Your life is precious and time makes up our life. Claim your life by claiming your time.


N Get  to the end of the day and  think, “What did I even DO today?”

N Netflix binge way more than you would like to admit instead of working on your business?

N Spend WAY too much time on FB?

N Struggle with wanting to finish something just when your kids get home from school…

N Or  have, say half an hour – and you won’t start something that needs to get done because you know the kids will be home & you won’t be able to finish it… then you waste that time?

You will leave this session knowing exactly what you need do next, no matter how many interruptions and you will have clear flow and ease from one day to the next.

Imagine going from feeling that everything around you is chaotic to feeling in control of your time and confident in your abilities to get things done in an orderly and satisfying way.

These female entrepreneurs experienced exactly that after working with Karen. They went from being overwhelmed by all the things on their to-do list to feeling calm and focused and it changed the amount of income they were able to bring in.

Karen’s business coaching sessions are game changers. I went into the session feeling lost, overwhelmed and stuck with creating my business. After 45 minutes with Karen I had 10 manageable action steps, 3 concrete goals and energy bursting out of my veins. The best part of it, however, was that I actually followed through and took action. If you’re stuck or just need some direction in your business, Karen is an amazing individual who will listen to you ramble on about your fears, doubts and ideas and turn them into step-by-step, practical action plan to achieve your dreams. Thank you Karen!

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Nikki Rowley

Karen takes a unique holistic approach to coaching. Her warm energy and her extensive knowledge in a vast range of areas such as finance, business and spirituality make her the perfect match for everyone in business! You can expect ah ha moments. And you can expect to feel excited about your business.Thank you so much Karen, words cannot even explain how freaking awesome I feel about my business right now!

Alanna Blundo

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